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At Southpoint Live we make it easy to broadcast your events to a wider audience

What is Southpoint Live?

Southpoint Live is the online and outside broadcasting service from Southpoint Films, a provider of high quality video production for businesses in Hampshire, Dorset, London and beyond.

We aim to help our customers expand the reach of their events and training seminars through the use of online video streaming, as well as generating additional income through content monetization, all without the need for the costs involved with scaling, such as hiring larger venues.

How can live broadcasting benefit my business?

If your business hosts a lot events, you'll know that only a fraction of delegates who want to be there will actually arrive on the day. Whether it's due to unforeseen work and personal commitments, difficulties with travel or simply forgetfulness, your event is missing out. With live broadcasting you have the opportunity to break down the need for your delegates to physically attend, allowing your event to be accessed by people all over the world and potentially turning those lost delegates into paying customers by offering paid access to the broadcast.

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How much does it cost?

We offer three service tiers to make our live broadcasting services as affordable as possible. Each one is priced effectively for the type of event or customer they're intended for; Lite for short morning, afternoon or evening events, our standard service for full or multi day events, and Pro for other video production companies or broadcasting professionals.

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